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Hello! Myself and my husband, Chad are the owners of Web Designs Your Way in Chandler, Arizona.

2020 marks our 10th year in business. We have been very blessed with many amazing clients with opportunities to build websites for people all over the United States. The small mom and pops were what got us the started in our business and we vowed then, no matter how big we got, we would never leave them behind!

With that said, we came up with this idea to help our existing clients and other small businesses to have an opportunity to have a FREE business listing on a website that is open to all United States businesses! That way, if you are looking for more exposure, backlinks to your website for SEO results, and just another place to have your business be found, you have come to the right place! Plus you have the opportunity to be a guest blogger as well. Blogging is GREAT exposure! Blog about something you are passionate about in your business that can educate people about what you do and how you solve a problem for them.

What other benefits does this serve? Let’s say you are moving to a new area or have just moved. You can always log on and do a search for a local business. Our plan is to only have small to medium-sized businesses on here so we can support one another. Business growth is important to us, as we want to see the “little guys” compete with the big guys. We will probably never have the marketing budget of that “Go” place, but you know what, we want to be as known as they are. We want the businesses listed here to be known too! What makes us different? Mostly our customer service, but our amazing websites set us apart too. We don’t try to up-sale you on anything, just try and educate you as to what is good and what you can do without.

We are excited to launch this and get to know your business. Please make sure to check out our Facebook page as well and give it a like. We hope to have that page active in introducing the new companies that sign too.

Please let us know if we can answer any questions or assist you in any way. We are stronger when we all come together and look out for each other!